“My session with Mel was really useful as it helped show me how to look at key situations from a different perspective. This allowed me to challenge my own assumptions but in a safe place of gentle coaching.”

One of the best decisions I have ever made.

”Asking Mel to be my coach was, hands down, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I knew Mel’s reputation as an incredible and very successful Hypnotherapist and as a relatively new Hypnotherapist myself, it made sense to be coached by someone who had gotten to where I wanted to get to, but Mel gave me so much more than that.

We covered Content Marketing and Social Media, but very importantly, she drew out all the fears I had that were holding me back or blocking me. Not only have I finished the 12 weeks with more clients and a plan for the future, but I now know what my subconscious blocks are and how to remove any in the future.

One thing I really have to say about Mel is that she goes above and beyond the sessions. She was there in between too, cheering me on, encouraging and supporting me every step of the way.

I took the leap to invest in a coaching package because if you are serious about making changes, you have to have some skin in the game and be invested and committed. Within two sessions I was feeling like the value Mel delivered well and truly went beyond the fee I had paid and I can’t thank her enough. Choose Mel as your Coach and I promise you won’t regret it!”

She is a wealth of knowledge.

”Working with Mel has been a complete game changer in both my personal and business life. Getting to the root of what beliefs are holding me back and then creating new patterns of thinking and behaviour that set me up for continued success.
I went to Mel totally confused with why I was repeating the same thing again and again even though I wanted to change it. She has taught me so much about my mind that I’ll never think how I used to again.

She is a wealth of knowledge who teaches in a way that is so easy to absorb. She truly cares about you, your goals and helping you achieve them. First class coach, I highly recommend if you want to achieve success in your business & life!”

”I’m so glad to have done coaching with you. You gave really useful, clear and appropriate tips and guidance. With encouragement and Law of Attraction wisdom I seem to be pretty much there. Next week just one session away from the optimum and looking forward to maintaining these levels and creating new opportunities.

At the time it seemed like a lot of money to spend but the reality is it has been a bargain.”

I feel more motivated.

”I chose Mel as I like her very much. She also has an amazing work ethic and is incredibly successful. I believe in the Law of Attraction and this is the ethos within Mel’s Coaching.

I’ve had two coaching sessions with Mel and I can already see the value in this. In fact, I’ve already done a 360! My way forward is not what I expected yet feels just right for me. I feel more motivated which is easy as I know now exactly where I’m going. I’ve also taken control of my diet and am enjoying getting back to eating less and cooking more.

Mel helped me work out what my priorities are, enabled me to work out what my blocks were and how to look at things differently.
Thank you Mel for making this journey exciting and enlightening with excellent support. Nobody’s more surprised than me on the immediate changes I’ve already made in my business. If I can achieve this in 2 sessions so far, you can see what you will achieve in 12.

Mel is an amazing Coach. Her coaching is solution focused as well as based on the Law of Attraction. She will help you get rid of any limiting beliefs, conquer Impostor Syndrome, and anything else you choose to address. Each mentoring programme is tailor made for you. I’ve just today opened the welcome gift Mel has sent me and it’s truly inspiring. Thank you Mel I’m so pleased I chose you as my Coach.”

She goes beyond expectations!

”Before I started Mel’s coaching program I was someone who rarely posted on Facebook and hid myself from the world. After 2 weeks I was posting everyday and enjoying writing my content, no longer is it scary. So much so that I went live for the first time today on my page. My dreams and goals that I never thought I’d reach are close. I would never have got here without her! Mel helped me realise how much I have to offer the world and be comfortable in showing anyone who I am. 

I can’t recommend Mel enough. She not only supports me but genuinely cares. She goes beyond expectations! My mindset around business and personal life has improved dramatically and the way Mel goes about it means it all came from me. She has become a friend and mentor and is a true inspiration to me and anyone looking to shine their light and become who they are meant to be!! 

Mel I can’t thank you enough. I love you!!”

”I can’t recommend Mel enough, I love our coaching sessions and have got so much out of the process!!! If you are thinking about booking in with Mel, do it!”

She’s an unstoppable force of positivity.

”Mel has not only supported me through the launch of my business but helped me move my mindset in all areas of my life. From tricky family to fitness motivation. She’s an unstoppable force of positivity.

My gardening business is thriving and I put that down to Mel’s help in giving me the confidence and skills to push through all the doubts and the results have been amazing.

Everyone needs Mel in their life, don’t over think about whether you need a coaching session, you most definitely do and your world will be better for it.”

More than outstanding at her work.

“In my many years of life experience receiving coaching, counselling, industry training and education, I have never encountered anybody with such intent to empower another!

I want to say a massive thank you to Melanie Gillespie for the ongoing emotional support, encouragement and inspiration that I have gained from our work together.

I cannot recommend Mel highly enough, she is more than outstanding at her work and you will definitely get your desired results, if you are ready and willing to make the change”

Total and utter clarity.

”At a crossroads, I sought help from Melanie to gain clarity on what I really wanted to achieve. As I see-sawed from wanting everything (work-wise) and yet wanting to give up work and make the most of my new life with my (new) husband, we worked our way through the different issues until suddenly, BOOM! Total and utter clarity. From there, I couldn’t stop thinking of new and exciting ways to reinvent my future and shrug off my past as well as achieve the work-life balance I’d been looking for.

Mel knew the right questions to ask and offered so much support throughout the process and it really has changed the way I feel and now operate. If you are hesitating over whether what she does provides value, don’t!! I am glad I didn’t.”

This has had such a positive impact of all aspects of my life.

”All I can say is WOW! the changes during our 12 weeks seemed so small and at times I guess I did not realise the subtle changes developing within me! I now look at where I am now mentally and emotionally and I am so much stronger.

There have been so many positives that have come out in a short space of time. I feel for a large part of my life I have been living but sabotaging my own self worth and the best way to describe it is like living each day with a net curtain over me! I could function, I could feel but everything was a little fuzzy and got in the way! Now I feel like that curtain is lifted and everything is so much clearer! I have stopped drinking which I never thought I could have done or ever have wanted to do! I used to think people who didn’t drink were boring (sorry Mel) but I am now really living the best life!

I am taking control of my emotions and stepping out of my comfort zone and dealing with difficult conversations and situations which before you Mel would have made me worry for days if not weeks!! and totally controlling every aspect of my life! I am now facing all the challenges that come my way with the strength and composure that is needed. I know there will be bumps along the way and I still have more to learn but I now have the tools I need to navigate through all of this.

This has had such a positive impact of all aspects of my life, work, family, friends and more importantly me. I am calmer, I am stronger and I am limitless the possibilities are endless and I am loving exploring and continuing to carry on all the great things I have learnt.

Words really do not do justice to how you have helped me break out of my self-doubting, self-limiting me of old!

I am embracing each day and the magic and possibilities it brings.

Mel, you are truly a wonderful teacher and so blessed to have you in my life for these 12 weeks.”

You won’t look back!

”I recently had a 2-hour business coaching session with Mel. It was fabulous! I’d had some services I’d been trialling and Mel was able to tell me what similar services were out there and how I could position myself. It was really exciting! If you’re thinking of doing this all I can say is – do it! Mel will help you develop your ideas and pricing in a way to suit you. You won’t look back!” 

With her help, I was able to save my life.

”After years of suffering with depression which was slowly being joined by anxiety, I’d hit an all time low in my life and to be brutally honest, I didn’t want to be here anymore. My marriage had totally broken down, I was struggling to be a parent to my two children, I was having emotional breakdowns at work, I had an unhealthy and emotionally destructive relationship with food and life was a constant uphill battle. 

I think I’m a fairly positive person and over the years I had tried so hard to improve my life – NHS & private one to one counselling, CBT courses, relationship therapy, medication, alternative therapies, self help books and exercise. Of course they all helped in their own way but I was just ‘existing’, getting through each day and not living life to its full potential. 

That is when I discovered Mel and my life changed for the better! I’d always been drawn to life coaching but didn’t know where to start looking for a life coach. Mel is one of those people in life that you meet and instantly feel comfortable with & connected to. I knew in my heart that her coaching course was the thing I needed to do to change my life but it wasn’t an easy decision to make based on cost. How could I justify spending that amount of money on myself with nothing physical to show for it or what if it didn’t work? 

I was so desperate to improve my life that I took a leap of faith and even though I had internal battles with myself about the money during the first few weeks of the coaching course, the changes that were happening to me, which started sooner than I thought they would, made me realise that my happiness was worth everything to me and I stopped thinking about the money and have never looked back since! 

I felt like all the things I was struggling with in life was like one of those rubber band balls that started small when I was a child and just got bigger and bigger over the years. I couldn’t even begin to work out how to take off the first ‘rubber band’ without unravelling years and years of emotions that were interlinked and so tightly bound together. Luckily for me, Mel has this amazing ability to pick out what to focus on each time, despite my emotional ramblings each week! Over the course of 12 weeks I realised that we didn’t need to discuss and sort out each individual thing that I was struggling with since childhood. 

Mel gave me the tools and showed me how to use them to change my mindset so I had the ability to see things in a different and more simple way without all the complicated emotions weighing me down. Deciding to take part in Mel’s coaching course has been life changing for me. My marriage is better than it has ever been, I feel more emotionally free than I ever have, I have more self confidence and I am pursuing a new career path that I love and brings me true internal happiness. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and flowers every day as life isn’t like that! However, when those challenging times do arise, I have the tools to deal with them and the emotions that would normally have dragged me down still come, but now I understand how to feel them and move on without letting them define me. 

I feel truly blessed that Mel came into my life and with her help, I was able to save my life.” 

”Best investment I have ever made, after 2 weeks I have already had a massive breakthrough. Mel is amazing”

Mel is kind, approachable, knowledgeable, and empathetic.

”I booked a strategy session with Mel as I felt my business was drifting and I needed a clearer focus in order to move forward. Mel took time with me to formulate a goal. I felt she listened carefully to what I was saying. She provided me with practical advice about how I could improve my business. The most useful part was her advice around mindset blocks, questioning beliefs, and money mindset. She quickly followed up my session with an email detailing everything we discussed. I have referred to her email numerous times already!

Mel is kind, approachable, knowledgeable, and empathetic – all qualities which are invaluable to small business owners.”

Mel might be a little bit magic!

”I’ve known Mel for a few years now, having previously worked with her in her hypnotherapy days. I’ve always admired her, because I could see the proof of what she does in herself. She has overcome her own limiting beliefs and as a result her business is soaring.

For me, seeing this proof in action was what made me contact Mel when I saw she was starting coaching packages. I won’t lie, I debated the cost, I’ve never invested that much in myself before. What if it didn’t work? What if I didn’t put in the work? I’d be so disappointed in myself if I wasted the money. And then someone said to me ‘what if you don’t do it? Do you really want to be in the same place in 3 months time? Imagine what’s possible?’. And oh my goodness, I am so glad I took the leap.

It’s difficult for me to sum up in words the impact the last three months has had on my life. But put it this way…things have really changed. Tough decisions have been made. And massive blocks have come down. And it all happened with me hardly realising. I think Mel might be a little bit magic…seriously! I would be astonished if anyone spent 3 months with Mel and didn’t come out the other side a happier, more successful person.”

The transformation in both my personal life and my business have been phenomenal.

”As a huge advocate for the Law of Attraction I was fearfully aware of the effect that alcohol was having on my vibration. I knew that if I wanted to make clear and confident decisions in my business, ditching the booze would help me to make big shifts without anxiety or fear.

Initially I started to work with Mel so that I could re-wire my subconscious mind, to let go of the belief that alcohol was serving me.

After such incredible results I went on to continue working with Mel to let go of other beliefs that were no longer serving me, beliefs about money, self worth and growing my business in ways I wasn’t familiar with.

The transformation in both my personal life and my business have been phenomenal. I have told her on several occasions that she has literally changed my life!
My profits have shot up, I designed and took a four figure offer to market within just 7 days and I have built and grown a team to support me on my bigger business goals.

Without the right mindset or belief system in place, NONE of that would have been possible and I am forever grateful to Mel for the part she played in helping me to see the opportunities that I simply couldn’t see until I let go of the beliefs that were not congruent with my bigger vision.

If you’re thinking for a moment about working with a coach to help you grow either personally or professionally, I personally guarantee you will be blown away by what you can achieve by working with Melanie!”

”I cannot recommend Melanie enough. After my time spent with her I feel like my life has changed.”

My confidence has grown.

”I have been so blessed to work with Mel it has been a huge rollercoaster for me and working with Mel has helped me think differently and learn so much about myself. My work with Mel has taken me through one of the most challenging times of my life both in business and personally and I am so grateful for the help and support she has given me. My confidence has grown, my self belief has improved and I am definitely heading full on towards achieving my goals by the end of this year. Thank you so much Mel” 

You are fabulous, inspiring and aspirational.

”Thank you so much for the coaching and support over the past 12 weeks. It has been incredibly enlightening and I understand myself so much better now. I feel so positive about my future and I feel back in the driving seat of my life, with a wealth of opportunities available – very different to feeling ruled by food and trapped, which is where I felt earlier this year. 

You are fabulous, inspiring and aspirational. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Her genuine interest in wanting to help you feels magical.

“I’ve been to see Melanie for hypnotherapy in the past, so when she started business coaching I knew I wanted to work with her. 

We started the 12 week programme with 5 areas I wanted to look at that covered personal stuff as well as health, fitness and business goals. Each week we worked on different areas and built up layers of change, new habits and fresh intentions. Some areas needed revisiting and of course after the sessions ended still need attention. What’s great is that I now have a catalogue of hypnotherapy guided meditations which I still listen to on a regular basis. 

Working with Mel in her coaching sessions combined with hypnotherapy is like putting your foot on the accelerator in achieving what you want in all areas of life. She helps you tune into the resources you have within you and during the sessions she really stays with you in your headspace. This is a really important quality in a coach and she’s great at it. Her genuine interest in wanting to help you feels magical.

If you want to work with Mel, do it. I’m so glad I did.”

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