Melanie is amazing!

“Melanie is amazing! I have been struggling with money blocks for years. I wasn’t charging what I was worth, I had all these beliefs that people just wouldn’t pay a higher price. It was holding me back in my business from being able to make the kind of money I wanted to make and quit my other business. Within 2 weeks I got into alignment with a higher price and brought in $30k in the first month of working together. I love her energy, how she makes things so clear, and how after our sessions I just feel like my blocks are GONE, like I just don’t believe what I used to believe! I can’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t work with Melanie! Most likely still struggling and confused.”
Danielle Ingenito, New York

Game changer!

“Working with Mel has been a complete game changer in both my personal and business life. Getting to the root of what beliefs are holding me back and then creating new patterns of thinking and behaviour that set me up for continued success.
I went to Mel totally confused with why I was repeating the same thing again and again even though I wanted to change it. She has taught me so much about my mind that I’ll never think how I used to again.
She is a wealth of knowledge who teaches in a way that is so easy to absorb. She truly cares about you, your goals and helping you achieve them. First class coach, I highly recommend if you want to achieve success in your business & life!”
Karen Evans, Spain

She changed my life!

“As a huge advocate for the Law of Attraction I was fearfully aware of the effect that alcohol was having on my vibration. I knew that if I wanted to make clear and confident decisions in my business, ditching the booze would help me to make big shifts without anxiety or fear.
Initially I started to work with Mel so that I could re-wire my subconscious mind, to let go of the belief that alcohol was serving me.
After such incredible results I went on to continue working with Mel to let go of other beliefs that were no longer serving me, beliefs about money, self worth and growing my business in ways I wasn’t familiar with.

The transformation in both my personal life and my business have been phenomenal. I have told her on several occasions that she has literally changed my life!
My profits have shot up, I designed and took a four figure offer to market within just 7 days and I have built and grown a team to support me on my bigger business goals.
Without the right mindset or belief system in place, NONE of that would have been possible and I am forever grateful to Mel for the part she played in helping me to see the opportunities that I simply couldn’t see until I let go of the beliefs that were not congruent with my bigger vision.

If you’re thinking for a moment about working with a coach to help you grow either personally or professionally, I personally guarantee you will be blown away by what you can achieve by working with Melanie!” –

Julia Fearon, UK

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