“When your subconscious thoughts match up with your conscious desires, the internal conflict stops and you are free to be your incredible best”

Aligned to Abundance 12 Week 1:1 Coaching Programme – £25OO

If you are full of potential and ambition, but are not quite seeing the results you desire, I can help.

I am a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Mindset Coach with thousands of hours experience in helping clients break through self doubt, blocks, limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits that are standing in the way of success. Such as;

– Overthinking and Self Doubt
– Limiting beliefs
– Blocks around Money and Finances
– Imposter Syndrome
– Self sabotage
– Emotional eating or drinking
– Lack of self worth
– Confidence
– Fear of Success
– Body Image

I have combined my extensive experience with in depth knowledge of the Law of Attraction to create a unique and powerful coaching process.

With a detailed understanding of how the brain works subconsciously, we work together to uncover what thought patterns are blocking you from achieving your potential (even if you have no idea what they are at the moment!)

We map out where you’d like to be and then I work with you to install new powerful beliefs at a subconscious level of mind to sit in alignment with your vision.

When your subconscious thoughts match up with your conscious desires, the internal conflict stops and you are free to be your incredible best.

The full 12 week programme covers weekly coaching sessions with a personalised hypnosis audio recorded after each one based on what we have discussed. This is to listen to in between sessions to enhance our work.
There is also unlimited messenger support via Voxer available (Mon-Fri) in between sessions to help and encourage you whenever you need.

All coaching clients receive a complimentary luxury welcome pack from me with love.

The investment for this package is £2,500.

If you would like to find out more and discover how we can transform your business and life, please message me to book in a complimentary discovery call.

So excited to hear from you,

Mel x

Belief Blitz Session – £25O

Two hour power coaching session where we explore what’s going on in your life or business at the moment and where you’d like it to be. I’ll give an in depth explanation of the science behind our thoughts, actions, beliefs and how we can change them.

Once we have established what is holding you back, we work out what new belief system you need in place to be in alignment with your vision and how you can enhance these new beliefs going forward. We conclude the session with a powerful tailored hypnosis to consolidate the changes we have made. 


Discover how we can transform your business and life

If you’d like to find out more, please click the discovery call button to arrange a complimentary chat with me.

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