What makes me different as a coach?

1. I have thousands of hours Psychotherapy experience, so we don’t just look at surface level Mindset tools, I have the skills to work with you at a deep subconscious level.

2. I over deliver. Sometimes it’s extra time in a session that’s needed or a phone call in between appointments. If there’s a particular book that I think would benefit you, I will just Amazon-prime it over. It’s the little extras that make a big difference to our time together.

3. I offer an exceptional level of care to everyone I work with. I genuinely want everyone to succeed and do well, so my compassion continues on after coaching has finished. I will continue to support your social media page and am always at the end of the phone if ever you need me.

4. I have an unwavering belief in everyone’s ability to feel better.

5. I don’t do long winded discovery calls where you have to talk to me for 45 mins before I give you any information about what I do. I have posted free valuable content on my social media channels every single day for several years so you can see the type of help I have to give… without any awkward sales calls.

6. If you do fancy a chat on the phone to see how I can help, I will happily answer any questions you have, but I will never ask for a deposit or encourage you to book in on the spot. I will most likely end the call offering you to have a think about it and come back to me whenever you’re ready.

7. Unlike a lot of coaches, there is no sign in clause with me. I make it clear that if your personal circumstances change and you can no longer or don’t want to continue coaching, I would refund any prepaid sessions without question. Yes it’s great to be committed to the process, but I understand that life happens and I wouldn’t want anyone tied into seeing me at the detriment of their wellbeing if their circumstances were to change or if coaching wasn’t for them.

8. I don’t do the standard sales waffle. The price doesn’t change overnight, so I don’t do pretend offers and discounts to try and get you booked in before you’re ready. The price will be the same whenever the time is right for you.

9. I walk the walk. I have spent years working through my own limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns so that I can support others from a completely clear and non-judgemental place without projecting my beliefs into your journey.

10. Many clients are pleasantly surprised to find I’m actually quite funny! I truly believe laughter is amazing for us and I love the fact that in coaching we often have a lot of fun.

So there you go, that’s my list that makes me different. In a nutshell “exceptional coaching without the sales fluff”

“Mindset Coach of The Year 2021” – Corporate Livewire Awards

About me

I’m a Mum of two young children, Noah and Iris and a cat Mum to Lily and Trixy who often feature on my insta stories!

In my free time I love Olympic weightlifting, running, oracle cards, aromatherapy, self care, nourishing afternoons, forest bathing and I’m a luxury candle obsessive. 

I live by the Witches Wheel of the Year and take great inspiration from the seasonal changes in nature, often reflected in my social media posts.

I’m driven and dedicated to everything I do and one of biggest personal accomplishments was going alcohol free in 2018, which cemented my belief that long-standing change is always possible. No matter how hard it seems on the surface. 

Mel x

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