Melanie Gillespie Mindset Coaching

“Everything you desire already exists. My job is to help you remove anything within you that believes you can’t have it.” – Melanie Gillespie

Let me help……

Would you love to grow your business but feel like something is holding you back?

Are you in a state of permanent procrastination?

Or perhaps you already run a successful business and need help pushing it to the next level?

Maybe you’ve had coaching before but something subconsciously stopped you taking action?

Nice to meet you, I’m Mel, I’m an award winning and experienced Mindset Coach helping female business owners excel in both their work and personal life by aligning their subconscious thought patterns with their conscious desires.

Before I transitioned into Business and Mindset Coaching, I built an award winning private Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy practice from scratch which I ran for 5 years very successfully.

During this time I worked with many business owners who were stuck by their subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs, and soon found myself in huge demand to combine Business Coaching and Mindset Work as the two complement each other spectacularly.

I draw upon my natural skills as a deep thinker and magic maker to help others shatter their subconscious ceiling levels and thrive. I’ve collected many pieces of wisdom and inspiring ideas my whole life and love drawing upon them to help spark positive change in others.

I live and breathe Mindset work and feel it is my life’s mission to enlighten others to the infinite power, potential and magic that lies within every one of us.

With love,
Mel x

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