Melanie Gillespie Mindset Coaching

“Everything you desire already exists. My job is to help you remove anything within you that believes you can’t have it.” – Melanie Gillespie

Hi, I’m Mel, lovely to have you here!

I’m an experienced Psychotherapist, Mindset Coach and Business Mentor, helping women utilise the most powerful tool they own. Their mind.

I combine practical, logical mindset work with healing learnt patterns of behaviour so that my clients can excel in the ways they desire, be that expanding their business or improving their personal life. I have approx 5,000 hours clinical experience over the last seven years, so you are in safe hands. All thoughts and emotions are valid and welcome. 

When you come to a session with me, bring both your dreams and your fears. Bring your desires and bring your worries. Bring your sadness. Bring your insecurities. 

Bring your anxieties. Bring it all. 

I will hold them without judgement. 

But know that however challenging things might feel, or however out of alignment your life or business has become, when I look back at you sitting in front of me all I see is your strength. I see your beauty. I see your power. I see your passions. I see your potential. I see what makes your eyes light up. I see your brilliance. I see your heart. I see your soul. I see you. 

And you are extraordinary. 

My hope is that when you leave, you see it in you too.


With love,
Mel x

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